22 days...

22 days until I get back to Perth! Woop Woop! I cant wait. I'm so excited! I have packed my suitcase already!

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Happy, Happy, Happy

I am having the best day! Just like so share some of my happyness with you!

A laugh is a smile that BURSTS!!!!

Heheh yay. Drew and I are going well. I get home in 22 days so I cant wait to see him again. I miss him so much and have so much hope and faith that we will be great together for a long time to come!
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Boys suck!!!!!

Even since Drew and I had that huge fight, we havnt been the same. He comes and goes off msn without saying hi or bye. He doesnt call me baby or any sweet names anymore :( I just really miss the old Drew! Today he told me that he invited his ex girlfriend on the Party Bus that he is getting for his birthday tomorrow night. Now that just pissed me off...I got so jelous (thats just the type of person I am) and why would you invite your ex that cheated on you who you went out with for 8 months to your birthday, especially when I'm (his gf) isnt there... he didn't even care how I felt and just said "bye" and just left. I feel like he doesn't care about me anymore. I want to just wait until I get home so we can sort everything out but it's getting harder and harder every day. I just wish the old Drew would come backk... and reply to me sweet sms's and tell me he misses me and call me baby and princess. I don't know what I have done wrong... :(

Every guy I have been out with is screwed in the head... why can't I just find a decent caring loving guy who will love me for me? Boys suck!!!

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Back with Drew <3

I'm back with my boy <3 Yay. I am soo happy. I miss him soo much though. I get home in 28 days. yay! I cant wait to hold Drew in my arms again <3 I love him so much.


The End Of My Life...

I don't know what to say. I have never cried so much in my whole life... My eyes are all puffy and I miss him so much. My life feels like it's over and I wish I could make things change. I don't know how to fix this or what I am going to do now. I feel so alone and I still have 29 days until I get home.

I dont know what to do?! I miss him so much. I still love him and always will have him in my heart <3

doo dii doo dii dooo

I can’t wait to go to the Notre Dame Fremantle campus in Perth!!! I can’t wait to meet a heap of new friends and just experience spending most of my day in Fremantle. Fremantle is probably my favourite place in Perth beside Northbridge. Fish and chips and yummy, ocean is beautiful, people are great, love the atmosphere. Broome sucks atm. Nothing to do, so bored! I wish I had a car so I could just drive somewhere by myself, maybe to the beach. I love the beach… Walks along Cable beach in the afternoon just before the sun goes down. *sigh* it’s heaven. I guess it’s a good thing my housemates don’t like to go out cause I study a lot more and will hopefully get better grades because of it. I miss home so much though. I have to find a job when I get home. I don’t think I have ever been so excited about getting a job in my life. Hm…maybe working at a surf shop would be fun or some other clothing shop. Never working at a food place. I can’t stand working with food.

I miss Drew so much. I never knew I could miss someone so much, until I met him. I finally know what I’m buying him for his birthday!!! I thought I’d buy him some drum sticks and write a cute message on them for him to keep. He loves playing the drums and has a pink metallic drum kit. It’s so awesome!! I will take him out to dinner too when I get back… in about 5 and a half weeks.

I got a package from my mum today which had totally made my day. I haven’t felt this happy in a while. I have been pretty down lately. It sucks. My mummy sent me cool undies and a recharge card for my internet yay! It was in the cutest packaging too. A light blue envelope with blue stars and cartoons on it :)

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Lately people have been talking about me and putting me down alot. Just because I didn't know what the Capital of Australia was doesn't make me dumb, does it? Makes me feel so small and I hate it. Everyone in Broome is a few years older than me and they talk to me like I'm some stupid retard that doesn't know anything. If I ask stupid questions its only because I want to know and sometimes it's hard to know if people are joking or not when they say something. Everyone blames everything on me, when it's not always me. When I got back from Broome, the house was the messiest it has ever been. Heaps of dishes in the sink and on the floore, people shit everywhere. Yet, I still get blamed for everything!

Another thing I need to winge about because I have noone to winge to about! Is people using my stuff and not treating it very well. Like when people use my cooking stuff, they dont clean it properly or they scratch my non-stick stuff. I don't really care if people miss use the stuff that came with the house, just not my stuff. It pisses me off so much.

The bin was full the night I got back from Perth, which was on Sunday night and noone has taken it out yet. Frankly I'm not taking it out, whoever put it outside can. Tomorrow their will be maggots and flys and it will be so gross... not my problem. I am happy to take out the rubbish but it never gets done because I am usually so busy during the daytime and dont like walking out to the bin at night. I suggest a roster so we take turns taking out the bin because it just really isnt getting done.

I always get blamed for having my food shit in the sink... and whose food is clogging the sink right now and has been since last night... NOT MINE!!! And whose mess is all over the bench... not mine!

I never get mad though. I'm not the kind of person to hold grudges or take not of every little mistake people make, unlike others I know.

I also hate it when people talk about you, when you can hear what they are saying but they keep talking like your not even there. Grrr... I'm not having fun anymore!

I'm getting sick of this crap and frankly just want to go home so I dont have to stress about this on top of uni and my new job.

That is all I have to winge about for now...
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What can I buy my Boyfriend for his Birthday?!?!

I need major help. My Boyfriends birthday is coming up and I am going mad over what I could by him. I don't have a clue! He loves Parkway Drive so I thought maybe I'd get his something to do with that. Or maybe jewelery with love courtney engraved on it or something like that! HELP! PLEASE! He also loves playing the drums! His favourite colours are green and yellow.
Poll #968041 What can I buy my Boyfriend for his Birthday?

What is the best thing to buy my Boy for his Birthday?

If I buy my boy Jewelery what type of Jewelery should I get?

Necklace- he already has one!
Lip ring
Tongue ring
Nipple Ring

My boy plays the drums, maybe I could buy him something to do with that?


Back to Broome Today : (

Today I go back to Broome : ( ...

Yesterday Drew and I spent the whole day together cuddling and watching TV. Them we went to the motor cross track where I watched Drew race his little motor bikes and do awesome jumps and stuff. It was so cold last night. I froze my ass off.

I spent the night at Drews Aunty's house (the house that he is housesitting). When I woke up this morning, I got all emotional because I was going home today. Drew rolled over and cuddled me and I burst out into tears. He was so cute. He put his head on my chest and we just cuddled for ages. I am going to miss him so much :( He is my boy. I love him to bits!

Going to miss you baby!!

Cutest boys I know...

Yesterday I went to go and see my friends beautiful baby boy! His name is Ronan. He is the cutest thing I have ever seen. I also caught up with my other friend Kim who's baby is soo gorgeous as well.

Haha. Zac (Kims bub) wouldnt stop playing with Rach's boobies! haha. Boys will be boys!

Here are some pics....

Me and Zac (Kims bub) beautiful blonde haired blue eyed boy. Gonna be a heart breaker! (Me and Zac's myspace photo!)

Me holding Ronan (Rach's bub) and Kim with he bub Zac

"Mmmmm... I'm hungry. My hand tastes good!"

Me with Ronan, Rach with Zac